MUSEATEX IDAT-44        updates

The design of the IDAT-44 is based on the internationally acclaimed Meitner IDAT. It utilizes the same interpolation algorithm and features internal jitter reduction circuitry.

Design Features

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The Plus Update

This D/A, was designed to be a Bidat with a single input frequency and a less expensive DAC chip.  The Plus update for this DAC is very like that of the Bidat Plus update.  It addresses all the same issues and allows it to lock to most input frequencies.  The original circuit board is retained but many of the parts are replaced or removed. Below is a list of updates and their advantages that make up this comprehensive upgrade.

  • Class A: All the analogue circuitry is run in Class A to eliminate zero crossing error and increase linearity.

  • The latest devices: The amplifying stages do not use the latest devices but rather ones that are more immune to the high frequency noise that comes from the DAC chip. This noise is just outside the audible range and is commonly filtered out after the first amplifying stage but it has already done some damage in terms of upsetting the amplifier itself.
  • Analogue Filters: The filters are changed to work before and after the amplifying stage and are relaxed to allow a little more high frequency energy to pass.

  • Power Supply: The power supply is enhanced at every opportunity. This is always one of the single most critical portions of any circuit. It is where all the energy for the circuitry comes from and must be pure and abundant. Addition of further regulation in critical areas also helps to reduce jitter.

  • Battery Power: In the future we are considering offering a battery supply for this DAC as it makes such a tremendous difference to the sound.

    The ěPlusî update is not to be taken lightly. In direct comparison to other DACs it rises directly to the top. Even compared to the Bidat it is more of a flavor difference than which is better or worse. For those who already own the IDAT-44 this is a natural progression. Itís already an old friend at home in your audio system and the upgrade obviates the hassle of shopping for a new unit not to mention spending thousands more for lesser sound quality. For those that have bought one used the same rational applies but from a different point of view. The price for the Plus upgrade is $350.USD.

    Updates are performed on Meitner and Museatex products at our Calgary facility.
    Email us at or call (403) 968-1400 for more information.

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